Set Sail In Your Own Backyard

Just imagine how your kids will react when they see their very own Pirate Play Ship ready to set sail in their own backyard... friends in tow. These 100% hand-made Pirate Ships will set your childs imagination free and create memories that last a lifetime. Each ship is put together on-site and customized to your specific needs and space. The build quality is second to none as we only use pressure treated wood and do not skimp on materials.


The Big Ship

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This is the ship that started our Pirate Ship adventures (read our story). It's the ultimate playground accessory which includes slide, rock wall, swings and much more.

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If you are worried about the size of the ship or your available space just get a free estimate below and we'll help figure out the perfect ship for your space and your budget. You can also click here to view the basic dimensions. bs2.jpg

The Medium Ship

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All Pirate Ships Include:

  • Sails That Raise Up
  • Trap Door
  • Pirate Wheel
  • Pirate Flag
  • Telescope
  • Swing Set
  • Climbing Wall
  • Roped Entry

The Story

dawson-carter.pngIt started with an ambitious idea. You know how things can get out of hand when a guy has one of those. My two little boys had a nice back yard to explore but nothing to climb on and nothing to do. I couldn't let my two favorite little guys run around the backyard with nothing there to help stoke the imagination, right?

I knew I wanted to build something totally fresh and different and something that couldn't be bought at a store. One day it hit me as I came across a little pirate ship toy sitting on a shelf in my boys room. I needed to build a ship like that!

I took the knowledge I'd gained from building homes for several years and combined it with a little imagination of my own and came up with a crude design. It was never supposed to be 15' long and 7' off the ground! It just grew as I built... And I liked it.

After a couple months of tweaking and perfecting it was finally done and the maiden Pirate Play Ship voyage began. It was finished just in time for Dawson's 4th birthday and fit perfectly with the Pirate theme. In no time I began hearing some serious praise for the design and craftsmanship of the ship and was urged by many to begin offering to build them for others.

Pirate Play Ships, LLC is now serving the local Middle Tennessee area and much of the Southeast...From Florida to Arkansas...From Mississippi to Virginia! Most locations in Middle Tennessee will not require any additional travel fees. Travel Charges will apply to locations out of the local area. So if you are serious about fun for your kids like I am mine, call Derek at 615.545.1469 to get the process started. We'll come to your home and construct the ship right in front of you piece by piece. In about the same time it would take you to put together a store bought play-set-in-a-box, we'll have your custom Pirate Play Ship ready for action and ready for your kids to make it their own escape.

As soon as you decide what size Ship fits your needs and what upgrades to add we can begin construction with a 50% deposit of the total balance. On site construction will vary with the scope of the project and weather conditions but should range between 4-6 days for locals and 3-5 for out of area jobs. Pirate Play Ship Co. is comitted to quality and we know our success depends on how pleased you are with us. We'll guarantee the craftsmanship of the ship structure for one full year after final payment.

Pricing Info

Big Pirate Ship $5,000

Medium Pirate Ship $3550

Baby Pirate Ship $1850

The Big Ship is perfect for a setting such as a park for day care as well as a residential location because of it's serious size. It can be customized to your specific play area and attachments can be interchangeable to fit your needs.

The Medium Ship size is popular for residential play areas and back yards with lighter space.

The Baby Ship is great for a small play area and for families with very young children.

Pirate Ship Dimensions


Features & Upgrades

All Pirate Play Ships Include:

  • Pressure-Treated Wood Construction
  • Climbing Wall
  • High Strength Plastic Slide
  • Main Sail That Raises Up
  • Wood Canopy
  • Telescope & Pirate Steering Wheel
  • Three Port Holes
  • Ladder Leading To Trap Door
  • Pirate Flag
  • Swing Set Attached (2 Access)
  • Roped Gang Plank

Available Upgrades And Add-Ons Include:

  • Additional Swing Accessory - $75.00
  • Wooden Pirate Wheel - $75.00
  • Handmade Rope Sail Upgrade - $150
  • Additional Swing Set (2 Swings) - $175.00
  • Additional Play Accessory - $300
  • Pirate Treasure Chest (2x4x3) - $300
  • Escape Zip Line - $450.00
  • Birds Nest Upgrade - $500
  • Red Cedar Siding (Please Call)

Treasure Chest

These hand made Treasure Chests make the perfect compliment to any of our Pirate Play Ships. Start storing treasure on your pirate ship for just $300.

Medium Ship Pictures


Big Ship Pictures

bs7.jpg bs8.jpg bs9.jpg bs2.jpg bs3.jpg bs4.jpg bs5.jpg bs6.jpg

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